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Elections and Voting

Household Enquiry Form

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Electoral registration and voting

Elected members (local councillors, MPs and MEP)

Election results

Wards and ward boundaries

Elections employment opportunities

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Household Enquiry Form External Hyperlink

Every household in Fareham has recently been sent a Household Enquiry Form to check the electoral register is correct for your address. We have to send this every summer by law and there is a legal requirement to respond. Details of what to do and how to respond are on your form. The easiest and quickest way to respond is on-line at External Hyperlink (you will need the security code on your form when you log in).

Privacy Notice

Electoral Services will only use your information for electoral purposes and it will be kept secure in accordance with data protection legislation. The lawful basis to collect your information is that it is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest and exercise of official authority as vested in the Electoral Registration Officer as set out in the Representation of the People Act 1983 and associated regulations. The Electoral Registration Officer is the Data Controller: Peter Grimwood, Civic Offices, Fareham, Hants, PO16 7AZ, tel 01329 236100. Please see the Fareham Borough Council Privacy Notice for further information relating to the processing of personal data.

Register to vote on-line

Click here External Hyperlink to register to vote. You will need your date of birth and national insurance number and it only takes around 3 minutes. To verify your identity, the data you provide will be processed by the Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service managed by the Cabinet Office. As part of this process your data will be shared with the Department of Work and Pensions and the Cabinet Office suppliers that are data processors for the Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service. You can find more information about this here: External Hyperlink.

Authorised canvassers are currently visiting homes to complete voter registrations.

They have official identification and will take only a couple of minutes of your time to make sure the electoral register is correct for your address.

Electoral registration and voting

It is important that you know if you are eligible to vote and if you are to make sure you are registered to vote at your address. If you have moved house you need to Register to Vote External Hyperlink, even if you pay Council Tax at your new property, because nobody is automatically registered to vote. Registering is easy - you can register online or you can call the elections office for a paper form to be posted to you. You will need your national insurance number, date of birth and address. Please follow the links below to find out more:

(all application forms can be scanned and e-mailed to us or posted)

The electoral register is updated every month and these updates are also sent to credit reference agencies once a month. There are cut-off dates listed below so you can see the deadlines that apply to each monthly update. Most applications go through without needing evidence of identity (this is done via your national insurance number and date of birth) but sometimes ID is needed and you will be notified in writing if this applies to you.

Once your application has been accepted and no-one has objected to your application you will appear on the electoral register on the next publication date. You will be notified in writing when this happens. Please note that in the run up to an election, you will only be able to vote in that election if your name has been added to the register at least 12 working days before the election. The monthly register publication dates for 2018 are:

Publication Date Latest Application Date
Tuesday 2 January 2018 Monday 11 December 2017
Thursday 1 February 2018 Wednesday 10 January 2018
Thursday1 March 2018 Wednesday 7 February 2018
Tuesday 3 April 2018 Monday 12 March 2018
Tuesday 1 May 2018 Monday 9 April 2018
Friday 1 June 2018 Thursday 10 May 2018
Monday 2 July 2018 Friday 8 June 2018
Wednesday 1 August 2018 Tuesday 10 July 2018
Monday 3 September 2018 Friday 10 August 2018

Annual canvass

Every summer you will be sent a Household Enquiry Form as part of the annual canvass which takes place to ensure that the register is up-to-date. The form is a legal document that you must complete every year or you risk dropping off the electoral register. Due to annual canvass there are no monthly updates to credit reference agencies during October or November as a new register is published on 1 December each year.

You can complete your Household Enquiry Form using the security code printed on the form at External Hyperlink, by phone, by text or by completing and returning the paper form using the pre-paid envelope provided. Full details are on the form and you can call the Elections team on 01329 824588 if you have any questions.

Electoral register

There are two versions of the register - the full register and the open register. The full register is strictly controlled and can only be used for elections, detecting crime such as fraud, calling people for jury service and credit referencing. The open register is optional so you can choose not to be on it. The open register can be sold on to third parties such as businesses and charities. If you chose not to be on the open register your right to vote will not be affected. To check if you are on the open register or to opt-out please contact the elections office. You will need to opt-out again if you ever need to re-register such as when you move home.

Elected members (local councillors, members of parliament, member of european parliament)

Election Results

Wards and Ward Boundaries

Elections employment opportunities

The Returning Officer for Fareham needs people to carry out various duties at election time which is nearly always the first Thursday in May. This may involve working at a polling station which is open from 7am to 10pm, assisting with postal votes or counting ballot papers.

Job Descriptions

If you are at least 18 years old and interested in working for us at election time please complete an Application Form for Election Duties



Contact Details

Tel: 01329 824588

Fax: 01329 824505

Election Services, Fareham Borough Council, Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7AZ

Monday to Friday 8:45am-5:15pm 


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