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After cremation

After cremation, ashes are either interred or scattered according to a family's wishes. They may be retained at the crematorium for a period of one month to give relatives time to decide. Your funeral director will normally discuss this with you. While most people decide to place the remains in the garden of remembrance within the crematorium grounds, other people prefer to place them in a cemetery where it is possible to place a memorial.

Interment of cremated remains in cemeteries

Some cemeteries in the Borough have a garden of remembrance where a casket of cremated remains can be interred. Two caskets of remains may be placed in each plot and a memorial tablet may be placed on it. Cremated remains may also be interred within a grave space. Up to four cremated caskets can be interred within a grave space. Memorial tablets cannot be placed in the lawn-burial area of the cemeteries but you can seek permission from us to scatter cremated remains over a grave space or on a plot in a garden of remembrance.

Some information and guidlines have been produced in order to help relatives through the process of interring creamated remains in the Council's Cemeteries.

Should you require further assistance please do not hesiate to contact the Cemeteries Officer on 01329 236100

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