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Portchester Crematorium

The Portchester Crematorium was opened in 1958 and is situated on the lower slopes of Portsdown Hill between Fareham and Portsmouth. The crematorium is controlled by a Joint Committee of Councillors representing the city of Portsmouth, and the Boroughs of Fareham, Havant and Gosport but operates as an independent establishment with specialised administrative and technical support from the constituent local authorities.

In 2022, the Portchester Crematorium Joint Committee approved plans for four new cremators at Portchester Crematorium. This £4.5M project is being funded by the Joint Committee and will include the replacement of the existing six cremators, which are over 30 years old, with four new natural-gas cremators. These will not only improve the efficiency and consistency of the cremation process, but also reduce the carbon footprint of the facility. The works will commence in 2024 and be completed in two phases over a two-year period. There will be no visible changes to the site and all works will take place outside of cremation service hours, including some night and weekend working.

To find out more about Portchester Crematorium, go to: Portchester Crematorium External Hyperlink

After cremation

After cremation the ashes are disposed of according to the family's wishes. They may be retained at the Crematorium for a period of one month to give relatives time to decide. The Funeral Directors will normally discuss the possibilities with you. Whilst most people decide to place the remains in the garden of Remembrance within the Crematorium grounds, other people prefer to place them in Fareham Cemeteries, where it is possible to place a memorial.

Interment of cremated remains in cemeteries

Some of the Cemeteries in Fareham have a Garden of Remembrance where a casket of cremated remains can be interred. Two caskets of cremated remains may be placed in each plot. A memorial tablet may be placed on a cremated remains plot in the Garden of Remembrance.

Cremated remains may also be interred within a grave space. Up to four cremated caskets can be interred within a grave space. Memorial tablets cannot be placed in the lawn-burial area of the cemeteries as only lawn-burial memorials may be erected.

Permission to scatter cremated remains over a grave space or on a plot, in the Garden of Remembrance should be sought from the Council.

Can I arrange for the interment of ashes?

It is possible to arrange the interment or the scattering of cremated remains directly with the Council. You are advised to contact the Cemeteries Officer to make the necessary arrangements.

It must however be noted that only wooden caskets can be interred in the Cemeteries and that upon collection of the remains from the Crematorium, the remains should be transferred from the original plastic container supplied by the Crematorium into a wooden casket. Your Funeral Directors will be able to arrange this, upon request.

The cremation certificate must be handed to the Council's representative in attendance at the Cemetery before the interment of the casket takes place.


If you would like further information please contact Customer Services on Tel: 01329 236100 or e-mail

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