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Registering a death

A death must be registered in the District Registration Office where it happened. The Registration Office for Fareham is at 4-8 Osborn Road South, Fareham PO16 7DG. You can phone 0300 555 1392 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 4pm on Saturday to make an appointment . You can also make a declaration to register the death before any Registrar in England and Wales so that it can be posted to the Registration Office for the district where the death took place. However, this may lead to a delay in receiving the documents or in making funeral arrangements.

When does a death need to be registered?

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland you must register a death within five days of it happening.  It can be delayed for a further nine days if the Registrar receives written confirmation that a medical certificate of the cause of death has been signed by a GP.

Who can register a death?

People with legal responsibility to register include:

In some circumstances, other people, such as the administrator of an elderly persons' home, can register a death. For advice please contact the Registration Office External Hyperlink.

What information do you need to register a death?

The Registrar will interview you in private and will need to know the following:

You will need to take:

The Registrar will enter these details into a computer system and will give you the opportunity to check that they are correct. The information will be written into a register.  This is the 'original' legal record and you should check it very carefully before signing it as any mistakes may be difficult to correct later on.

What documents will you be given?

Both documents are free of charge. You can buy a death certificate from the Registrar.

Notifying Fareham Borough Council

To contact us please phone 01329 236100 or use our online form 

Notifying other governement departments

The Government's Tell Us Once online form External Hyperlink. They will then pass on the details of the deceased to all of the relevant departments.

Financial support

You can find information about financial support that may be available to you on the Government's website:

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