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Working with Fareham Borough Council

Your Questions Answered

I have a business, how can I offer my services to the Council?

Contrary to popular belief Fareham Borough Council does not maintain a list of contractors and suppliers. We do, however, endeavour to ensure fair competition for all services and supplies by advertising contracts and tenders using the South East Business Portal and where appropriate, local press and specialist trade journals.

Contractors and suppliers are requested to join the the South East Business Portal (SEBP) External Hyperlink so that opportunities can be prompted by an automated e-Mail alert. Contractors and suppliers can submit an expression of interest in response to opportunities electronically when they are advertised. These expressions can only be accepted when received electronically or in hard copy format, and must include all other information requested within the advert (normally a short Pre-Qualification Questionnaire). Verbal expressions of interest will not be accepted.

What about Approved and Select Lists?

The Council does not generally use an approved list, unless this is the chosen route for procuring a particular supply. We have, however, adopted the use of recognised third party accreditation schemes to achieve a consistent vetting standard across Council contracts. We will, therefore, usually expect our suppliers and contractors to be pro-active concerning accreditation and where applicable Fareham Borough Council will request a signed Safeguarding Policy.

While we will continue to publicise tender opportunities and encourage supplier interest in the Council's contracts, the achievement of a recognised accreditation standard will be a key component of our sourcing process.

Where do you advertise?

All contract opportunities will be advertised on the Council's pages of the South East Business Portal. Dependent on the nature and value of the contract in question, we may also publicise in the local press, specialist trade journals and the OJEU journal. To be sure that you don't miss out, businesses are encouraged to register on the South East Business Portal (SEBP) External Hyperlink.

How can I improve my chances?

There are a number of ways in which you can improve your chances of being successful.

The first is being prepared for tenders as they are due to for release, i.e. keeping an eye on the South East Business Portals contracts store and the contract expiry date of the contracts your company may be interested in.

Register on the South East Business Portal (SEBP) External Hyperlink to receive automated prompts of any tenders as they are released, directly to your nominated email account.

When expressing an interest or completing a pre-qualification form, ensure you follow the instructions issued, answering all questions and returning all documents/evidence requested and making sure this is provided in the format required.

Do not answer the questions by sending in company annual reports/brochures that require the evaluation team to search for the information required

Be honest and open. If you are unable to answer a question give the reason why

Failure to follow the above two bullet points can severely restrict your chances, and may even result in your application being dismissed.

Become accredited through a recognised accreditation provider. This will enable you to be "fit to supply" and reduce the cost and time involved in the tendering process for both the Council and yourself.

What is your policy on insurance?

Insurance requirements will be stated within tender/contract documents. However as a minimum most contracts will require the contractor to be covered by an Employers and Public Liabilities Insurance to the value of £5,000,000.

What is your policy on health & safety requirements?

Fareham Borough Council is committed to ensure the health and safety of its residents, visitors, employees and users of all its facilities and services. Health and Safety will therefore form an integral part of the evaluation criteria for all relevant tenders.

Health and Safety also forms an important part of the third party accreditation process.

As part of this on going commitment we continually assess and monitor the way in which contractors and suppliers provide their services to Fareham, whilst also reviewing the way in which we carry out such assessments.

What is your policy on contractors and the environment?

Fareham Borough Council will look to work with Contractors and Suppliers who support the Council's principles of a sustainable environment contained in the Procurement Guidance.

What are your terms for payment?

Where the Council enters into a formal contract, the terms and conditions are stated within the tender documents and/or negotiated with the successful tenderer. These terms of payment will generally be based on our standard terms for purchase orders, which are, that payment will be despatched 30 days from receipt of a valid and correctly presented invoice for works, goods or services performed.

Can we do business electronically?

Yes. The Council is fully committed to using technology as a way of easing the 'Procure to Pay' process both for itself and for its suppliers. A number of initiatives have already been put in place and continue to be developed.

Further information is available on Doing Business Electronically.

How is my Company affected by Freedom of Information (FOI)?

The Freedom of Information Act applies to all information held by public bodies. It also applies to specifically designated private companies that perform public functions but not to other private companies. Please refer to the Department for Constitutional Affairs website (this is an external hyperlink) for more information. However, all of the information that the Council holds about your company is covered by FOI, as is any information that you hold on the Council's behalf.

If you require any further information, please email

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