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Discount Review

Thank you for choosing to complete this Single Resident Discount Review online.

You currently receive a Single Resident Discount because we believe that you are the only person living at the above property who is aged 18 years or older.  This reduction is shown on your Council Tax Bill.

Please confirm that you are still entitled to this discount, or update any changes in your household:

If you have completed this online form, there is no need for you to also complete the paper form that we have sent you.

Why don't you also arrange to receive future Council Tax bills via e-mail?  

Electronic Billing or e-billing is a convenient, secure and environmentally friendly way to receive your Council Tax bill and it also cuts both postage and paper costs for the Council and the Council Taxpayer.

If you are interested in receiving future bills in this way, please register for Fareham's MyAccount:

You will find an instruction video which explains how to sign up for MyAccount and e-billing by selecting the "help page" option.

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