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Your Council Tax Bill assumes that two or more adults aged 18 or over, live in the property as their main home.  If you are a single resident or if we can disregard you or any other residents, we may be able to award a discount.

Single residents

If you are the only adult resident and the property is your main home, you may be entitled to a Single Resident Discount and your bill reduced by 25%.  If you wish to claim a Single Resident Discount, please complete this online form.

If someone else aged over 18, moves in while you are in receipt of a Single Resident Discount, you must inform us immediately. We will take legal action against anyone who fraudulently claims a discount or exemption and we review your entitlement regularly and check information with other agencies for comparison purposes.

Unoccupied properties

For the first 6 months from the date when your property becomes unoccupied & unfurnished, we will award a 100% discount. The commencement date of this period of discount is not reset by change of property ownership or change of the liable party for Council Tax.  The discount will terminate when the property is furnished or occupied.

Following the 6 months discount period, the property is classed as "Long Term Empty" and the full 100% Council Tax becomes payable unless the empty property is a pitch occupied by a caravan or mooring occupied by a boat, in which case, a 50% discount will apply.

If your property remains unoccupied & unfurnished in excess of 24 months, an additional Long Term Empty Premium of 50% (150% in total) will be payable.

Property that requires major works

Where a property is unoccupied & unfurnished and requires or is undergoing major works or structural alterations, we may be able to award a 100% discount for either 1 year or 6 months from the date those works are complete, providing the whole period of discount does not exceed 12 months.

Following the 12 month discount period, the property will be classed as Long Term Empty and the full 100% Council Tax becomes payable.

When determining if major works have taken place or are required, in general terms, we do not consider the replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, heating and items undertaken in isolation (such as a rewiring) as major works.  We inspect all properties in this class of discount and seek evidence of the works undertaken.

Second homes

We charge the full Council Tax on all second homes (a second home is a furnished property, which is not anyone's sole or main residence).

Job related dwellings

A 50 percent discount may be awarded for properties classed as second homes which are occupied as job-related dwellings or retained because you live in a property classed as a job-related dwelling. The discount may be awarded if at least one of the following criteria is met:

Annexes occupied by family members

From 1 April 2014, we are able to award a 50% discount if you have an annexe which is lived in by a family member.  The discount is for people living in annexes provided they are related to the person liable to pay the council tax of the main dwelling and for people living in dwellings with annexes which are unoccupied, provided they are using those annexes as part of their main residence. If you want to apply for a reduction on this basis, please complete this application form.

Annexes are exempt from Council Tax if occupied by dependant relatives or where vacant and occupancy is restricted by planning permission.

For further information please contact the Council Tax office on Tel: 01329 824651, or email


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