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Press Release

Please don't litter our parks and open spaces

Please don't litter our parks and open spaces

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23 July 2020

Don’t be rubbish at leaving parks and open spaces clean

Residents and visitors are being asked not to be rubbish about cleaning up after themselves after visiting parks and open spaces throughout the Borough.

The lockdown period has seen a huge increase in the amount of rubbish and litter being left behind at the beach at Hill Head as well as in parks and open spaces by visitors when they go home.

Some people have left bags of rubbish alongside bins that are already full and the bags are then torn and contents scattered by animals creating potential health     hazards for other residents and local wildlife.

Fareham Borough Council’s Streetscene Team has been working hard to empty bins as often as possible and to clean up after visitors.

But now people using parks and open spaces are being urged to take their rubbish home with them if the available bins are already full.

The Council has installed a number of new, triple capacity bins across the Borough at key locations such as; Strawberry Fields, Passage Lane and along the beaches to manage the additional waste in those areas.

Fareham Borough Council’s Executive Member for Streetscene, Councillor Simon Martin, said: “We are very proud of the clean and cared for parks and open spaces throughout the Borough, but recently they have been blighted because some people have not taken responsibility for the rubbish they have created.

“We are urging people to not be rubbish about cleaning up after themselves when they use our parks and open spaces. If you bring it with you to the park or the beach, take it home with you when you leave, and dispose of rubbish in your bin at home.

“We have increased our bin capacity in littering hotspots across the Borough and trust that these measures will make a difference.

“Leaving your rubbish in a bag next to a full bin is as bad as just dumping it. It is simply not acceptable if we are to keep our parks and open spaces as places that we can all use and be proud of.”


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