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Press Release

Thresher’s store on Botley Road

Thresher’s store on Botley Road

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19 January 2024

Owner of former Thresher’s Site on Botley Road fined £8400

Council officers have today secured the former Thresher’s store on Botley Road, Park Gate, for the third time in two years as a result of the owner failing to maintain his building.  The owner of the building was fined £8400 by Portsmouth Magistrates Courts in November 2023 because he has continually failed to properly maintain his land.

A Council is able to serve a legally binding Notice requiring a property to be maintained to an acceptable standard when the condition of land or buildings adversely affects the amenity of an area.  Councillors have been inundated with complaints about this property in Park Gate which is referred to locally as an ‘eyesore’.  The Council also had concerns about public safety because the building has been broken into on many occasions and was no longer secure.

Despite every effort being made in recent years to engage with the owner in light of the unacceptable appearance of his property, there has been no remedial action taken.

Cllr Nick Walker, Chairman of the Planning Committee, said: ‘This situation seems to be dragging on and I am sure many people are wondering what the Council is doing.  I really hope that by having to pay a substantial fine the owner will now realise this situation isn’t going to disappear until the requirements of the Notice have been met.’

The Council remains committed to resolving this unsatisfactory situation and will continue to pursue the owner through the Courts if necessary.  The owner will be invoiced for any works carried out by the Council to make the property safe.


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