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Online payment Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to give my name and address details to make a payment?

When you make your payment, the Council's system receives an acknowledgement from the bank to advise whether or not the payment was successful. This is the same acknowledgement that you will receive. In the unlikely circumstance that an error occurs in the payment process (for example, in the event of a power cut) we may need to contact you. Your personal details are also used to ensure that the payment is credited against your bill in our systems.

Can I pay more than one bill?


The system uses "shopping basket" technology that allows you to pay a selection of bills in one go. There are simple instructions on the payment screens that guide you through the system for adding extra items to your basket and then you can pay for them all in one transaction.

Why can I only use a debit card to pay my Council Tax and Business Rates?

The bank charges for credit and debit card transactions are charged at a percentage of the value of the payment being made. The percentage varies according to the type of card.  The Council has taken the decision to limit the acceptance of credit cards simply as a measure to minimise the bank charges that it would incur, and ultimately have to pass on to the Council Taxpayer. As an indication, if every Council Tax and Business Rate payer used a credit card to settle their bill, the Council Tax would need to be increased by over 20% just to cover the extra bank charges.

Does the Council keep my card details on the online payments system?


The Council uses a service provided by Pay360 and Worldpay, the card payment company, who communicate directly with your bank to gain authorisation that the payment can be made.

Is it possible to get a receipt when I pay my bill online?


When you pay your bill online and your payment is accepted, you will receive online confirmation. You have the opportunity to make a note of the transaction id and authorisation code; or you can print a copy of the page as a receipt for your records. Also, if you provide your email address in the appropriate field when making your payment, you will be sent an email as payment confirmation.

How soon will it take to find out the payment is successful?

When you have entered your card details and pressed the "Make a Payment" button, the system will communicate with your own bank to seek authorisation for the payment. This should take a few seconds. The payment page will refresh automatically to confirm that payment has been authorised. At this point, your payment has been taken from your bank account. We will credit the payment against your bill on the following working day.

What if my card is refused?

Fareham Borough Council accepts VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards, however, the Council does not accept cards issued by American Express or Diners Club.  If the card type is valid but payment is refused, you should check direct with your own bank.

If you encounter any problems using the online payment service please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01329 236100 during normal office hours, or email, and advise us that a problem has occurred. Once notified, we will monitor the system to see if the payment has completed and let you know whether you need to make the payment again.

Do I get charged if I pay online?


The Council will not pass on any charges to you, if you choose to pay online. With the exception of Direct Debits, debit card payments online are the cheapest way for us to do business, so we would encourage you to pay your bills this way.

What bills will I be able to pay online in the future?

The online payments system will be under regular review and as the Council develops its online services, these will be added to the system. Further details will be publicised in Fareham Today as they become available.

If I have a problem, who should I contact?

If you encounter any problems, or just have a good idea about the online payments service that you want to pass onto the Council, please e-mail, or you can telephone us on 01329 236100 (ext. 4676) during normal office hours.

How else can I pay my bills to the Council?

Fareham Borough Council provides several options for payment of services administered by the Council.

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