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Fees and charges

Pre-application planning advice charges are set out below. Please refer to the notes for further information on the charges listed.

Listed Buildings and Heritage Advice

Planning type Fee payable

Pre-application planning advice charges for all listed buildings

and/or heritage advice

£216 (£180 + £36 VAT) per initial enquiry




Extensions or other alterations to an existing dwelling including ancillary development within its curtilage (excluding listed buildings)


1 – 9 dwellings*

£360 (£300 + £60 VAT) for first dwelling
+ £69.60 (£58 + £11.60 VAT) for every additional dwelling thereafter

10 – 49 dwellings*

£1,092 (£910 + £182 VAT) for first ten dwellings
+ £15.60 (£13 + £2.60 VAT) for every additional dwelling thereafter

50+ dwellings* £POA

New dwellings but where numbers are not known


Elderly persons accommodation, retirement living
developments, sheltered apartments, residential care homes
falling within Use Class C2

1-9 bedspaces

10 – 50 bedspaces

More than 50 bedspaces

£360 (£300 + £60 VAT)

£726 (£605 + £121 VAT)

£1,092 (£910 + £182 VAT)
Other residential uses

(including hotels, residential institutions, houses in multiple occupation, etc)

* including change of use of existing floorspace


Planning type Fee payable

Provision of floorspace (gross internal area), change of use of
existing floorspace (gross internal area) or change of use of
land (gross area):

Up to 100 m2

101 – 499 m2

500 – 999 m2

More than 1,000 m2 where it relates to proposed uses with Classes B1, B2, B8, or a mix of these uses

More than 1,000 m2 where it relates to any uses outside of Classes B1, B2 or B8

£294 (£245 + £49 VAT)

£360 (£300 + £60 VAT)

£726 (£605 + £121 VAT)

£1020 (£850 + £170 VAT)




Planning type Fee payable
Providing advice in relation to Design Codes £POA
Small scale development not falling into any of the above categories

(for example: engineering works, new shop fronts, moorings, means of enclosure, renewable energy plant on existing business premises)
£294 (£245 + £49 VAT)
Installation or replacement of telecommunications mast £294 (£245 + £49 VAT) per site

Minor amendments to an extant planning permission

£150 (£125 + £25 VAT)


For the purposes of a community use which is non-profit making (not including education providers)

On business premises less than 100 m2 gross internal floor area

All other adverts



£216 (£180 + £36 VAT)

Any development or works being carried out by a community use which is non-profit making (not including education providers) Free

Follow up advice

50% of the original pre-application planning advice fee/£POA



  1. £POA (Price on Application) indicates that a fee will be calculated on a case by case basis, based on a schedule of rates published by the Council and updated annually.  
    As at 1st April 2024 those hourly rates are as follows
    County Council Ecologist £57 per hour
    Planner £74 per hour
    Senior Planner / Conservation Planner / Affordable Housing Officer £91 per hour
    Principal Tree Officer £100 per hour
    Urban Designer £108 per hour
    Principal Planner £108 per hour
    Head of Service £156 per hour

    Where the £POA applies, please email with details of your proposal and the issues you would like the Council to provide advice on.  The Council will then advise you of the fee for undertaking the work, and agree this with you before any work is carried out.

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