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Planning permission for changes to your scheme

Changes to a planning application we have not yet determined

Amended plans will be accepted where:

Amended plans will not be accepted where:

We will write to an applicant/agent if we are not prepared to consider plans as an amendment to a current application. If you are the applicant, you will have the option to withdraw and re-submit the application. In some cases, there will be no further fee.

Minor amendments to a scheme where planning permission already granted

You may need to seek approval to certain minor (not material) changes to your approved scheme. The protocol for varying planning permissions agreed by the planning development control committee explains whether you will need to make a formal planning application. If you don't need to make a new application, you will still need to apply to us on the form below.

Apply for a minor amendment to your planning permission

All written requests must identify the relevant planning permission and should clearly list the changes you want us to consider. These should be detailed on precise drawings to an appropriate scale. You must supply one copy of your supporting plans with your submission External Hyperlink. You may send them by email to or by post with drawings and information. We will send an acknowledgement letter to you confirming receipt of your application. We will aim to provide you with a decision about your submission as soon as possible. Where possible, we will contact you to discuss details we are unhappy with before making any decisions.


You must pay a fee to us when you submit minor amendment applications for permissions which contain a condition that the development must be in line with the approved scheme. The fee is £85 per request (or £25 if permission is to an extension or alteration of a house or other development in its curtilage). If the minor amendment request is submitted at the same time as details for planning conditions, one fee of either £85 or £25 will be payable. You must pay the fee when you make the request. Until it has been paid, we will not carry out any work.

For more information, contact us at or telephone 01329 236100.

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