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Publication Version of the Local Plan 2037 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan sets out where new homes, workplaces and other developments should be built to meet the area's future needs, while conserving an area's most valuable environmental assets. The Local Plan provides policies and guidance on how planning applications are determined.

What will the Fareham Local Plan 2037 do?

The Fareham Local Plan 2037 covers the Borough of Fareham, excluding Welborne (which has its own plan) and will, when adopted:

Once formally adopted, the Fareham Local Plan 2037 will replace the policies in the current Local Plan Parts 1 and 2 and together with the Local Plan Part 3: The Welborne Plan, will form the development plan for the Borough.

What have we done already?

The preparation of the Fareham Local Plan 2037 has been informed by:

Three rounds of public consultation have already been undertaken in accordance with Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 and the Localism Act 2011. These sought views and comments on:

All consultations have been carried out in compliance with the Council's Statement of Community Involvement and a summary of comments and main findings for each of the consultation stages can be found on our website.

I submitted comments during the preceding Regulation 18 consultations. What was the outcome of those consultations, how have my comments been taken into account?

The Statement of Consultation sets out the comments received during the previous consultation stages, and the Council's responses to them. It is available to view and download on the Council's website at  All comments made on the Regulation 18 consultations have been considered. Together with the latest evidence studies, with Government policy and guidance, these have informed the preparation of the Publication Plan.

What is being consulted on now?

We are inviting representations on the Publication version of the Fareham Local Plan 2037 in line with Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. This Publication Plan reflects amendments and updates made following the Regulation 18 consultations.

What does 'Regulation 19' mean?

Regulation 19 is part of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. It says that, before submitting a draft Local Plan to the Government's Planning Inspectorate for independent examination, the Council must publish a draft of the Local Plan and formally invite comments (known as representations) on it. This version of the Local Plan is known as the Publication Plan.

The Regulations make clear that the Council must inform and invite representations/comments, not just from consultation bodies like the Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England, but also from residents and businesses in the area covered by the Local Plan. The Regulation 19 consultation no longer seeks views on alternative options, but instead presents the opportunity to comment on the content of the Local Plan, within a specific remit. The focus/sole purpose for this consultation relates to receiving representations on:

What is legal compliance?

If you are seeking to make representations on the way in which Fareham Borough Council has prepared the Fareham Local Plan 2037, then your comment is likely best submitted against the matter of legal compliance.

At examination, the Inspector will first check that the Plan meets the legal requirements with which planmaking should accord as set out in legislation including:

Comments relating to legal compliance must be specific, stating how and why they believe the plan is, or is not, legally compliant and support this with evidence and justification in the context of the legislation.

What is Soundness?

The tests of soundness against which the plan will be assessed are set out at Paragraph 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). In determining whether the Fareham Local Plan 2037 meets these tests and can be considered to have been soundly prepared, the Inspector has to be satisfied that the Plan has been:

Consistent with national policy: The Plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the NPPF. Comments relating to soundness must be specific in terms of how and why they believe the plan is, or is not, sound referencing the tests relevant to the comment. Comments must be supported by evidence and justification.

What is the Duty to Cooperate?

The requirements of the Duty to Cooperate (DtC) are set out in Section 110 of the Localism Act 2011 and Section 33A of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. In short, the legislation requires all Local Planning Authorities to demonstrate that they have had active and on-going cooperation with key bodies, such as neighbouring authorities and other statutory bodies on strategic matters, including infrastructure, housing and employment needs and flooding. Comments relating to the Duty to Cooperate must be specific in terms of how and why they believe the plan has, or has not met its Duty, and support this with evidence and justification.

Where can I view the documents undergoing consultation?

The documents undergoing formal consultation are:

In addition to these documents there is a large amount of supporting evidence which is published alongside the Fareham Local Plan 2037. These do not form part of the statutory documents being consulted on, however, where relevant, evidence can be referenced in support of the comment(s) you are making.

The Fareham Local Plan 2037 Regulation 19 consultation documents and associated evidence base can be viewed on the Council's website at: Subject to Covid-19 restrictions, electronic copies of the Plan will be available by pre-booked appointment at the Civic Offices in Fareham during normal office hours. Members of the planning team will be available to help you view the documents in a Covid-secure environment. Please call 01329 824601 to arrange an appointment and discuss your requirements.

Are there going to be any public events about the Publication Plan?

The coronavirus pandemic means that we won't be holding any public exhibitions or meetings during this consultation. However, we have created a Virtual Exhibition External Hyperlink that provides all the information that would have been available at the public meetings and face-to-face exhibitions with officers.  We recognise that not everybody is able to access the details of the Plan online. To help with this, we have a designated phone number - 01329 824601 – where you will be able to:

• Request paper copies of the survey

• Subject to Covid-19 restrictions, make an appointment to come into the Civic Offices to use during office hours (excluding Bank Holidays):

How do I make my representations on the Publication Plan?

Comments on the Publication Plan must be made in writing. At this stage, representations must relate only matters of legal compliance, the 'tests of soundness' and compliance with the Duty to Cooperate. If possible, we encourage people to submit comments through the online response form External Hyperlink.

The consultation response form has two parts;

You must state which paragraph, policy or policies map you are commenting on and which of the three criteria you are referring to. Please provide as much detail as you can when explaining why you think the Council has or hasn't met the three criteria of legal compliance, soundness or meets the duty to cooperate.

You are required to complete separate comments box for each representation you make.  For example, you may wish to comment on a paragraph of text, a proposed policy and a site allocation. Each of these representations would need to be put into separate comments boxes . This is so that the Inspector can view the representations on a particular chapter, policy or site together.

If you are unable to comment using the online system, the response form is available to download from our website. This can be completed and sent via email to

For those who cannot access a computer, paper copies of the response form are available on request by emailing or telephoning 01329 824601. Response forms can be sent by post to the Consultation Team, Fareham Borough Council, Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, PO16 7AZ.

The Consultation will run up to 18 December 2020. 

Why do I have to give my personal details?

The Council is unable to accept anonymous comments and for a comment to be formally accepted, a name and contact address (preferably e-mail) must be provided. If an agent or consultant has been engaged to act on your behalf, please fill in only your name then the agent's details in full. All correspondence will then be sent directly to the agent, unless otherwise specified clearly on the form.

In submitting comments to this consultation, we are required, under the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, to notify you when the independent examination will take place. We will use the contact details you have provided to do this. Please note: At the end of the consultation period all comments will be made public and will be submitted to the Secretary of State along with the Local Plan and other relevant supporting documents.

It is important that the Inspector and all participants in the examination process are able to know who has given feedback on the plan. Therefore, all feedback received, including contact details, will be passed onto the Inspector. In addition, all comments will be made public on our website including the names of those who submitted them. All other personal information will remain confidential.

In line with General Data Protection Regulations (2018), your details are stored on a secure system and are used only for the purposes of consultation for the Local Plan and associated documents. If you do not wish to receive further updates from the Council in relation to the Local Plan once it has been adopted, please email The Council reserves the right not to publish or take into account any representations which are openly offensive or contain comments that do not accord with the Equalities Act 2010.

When does the representation period for the Publication Plan begin and end?

The representation period begins on 6 November 2020, and comments should be received by us by midnight on 18 December 2020. Only those representations made within this period will be taken into account by the Inspector as part of the examination.

What will happen to my comments or representations, once I have made them?

Representations received will be reviewed, made public on the Council's website, and formally submitted with the Publication Plan and other supporting documents to the Government's Planning Inspectorate for independent examination.

What happens next?

Following consideration of your feedback and any amendments that are required, we will submit the Local Plan to the Government for approval. A planning inspector will be appointed to consider the Plan and comments from the consultation on behalf of the Secretary of State.

If you wish to take part in the hearing session(s) you must outline why you think this is necessary, in your representations at this time. The Inspector will decide the most appropriate procedure to hear from members of the public who would like to participate in hearing(s). This may be in writing, or they may invite you to attend and speak at the hearing sessions.

It is vital that you express your wish to engage in the examination at this stage. Not doing so may mean that you do not have the ability to write to or speak at the hearings. You can always change your mind later but without indicating a potential wish now, there is no way for the Inspector, or their Programme Officer, to know to contact you.


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