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Fareham Draft Local Plan 2036

The Council is in the process of producing a new Local Plan. This will address the development requirements up until 2036 and in due course it is intended to replace Local Plan Part 1 (Core Strategy) and Local Plan Part 2 (Development Sites & Policies). You can find out more about what a Local Plan is here

There have been various changes to the National Planning Policy Framework that have impacted progression of the Draft Local Plan. This timeline shows key events and reasons for the current uncertainty over housing numbers and may be read in conjunction with further explanation of a Local Plan.      

Update March 2019

At a meeting of the Executive on 4th March 2019 it was resolved to adopt the Fareham Borough Local Development Scheme 2019. The Local Development Scheme sets out a timetable for the preparation of the draft Local Plan. The Local Development Scheme can be viewed here.

Update February 2019

The Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Sean Woodward, made the following announcement at the Executive Meeting of the Council on Monday 4th February regarding Fareham's Draft Local Plan 2036:

"Further to my announcement at the Executive Meeting on 5 November 2018, I would like to provide an update on the progression of the Local Plan.  Parties will recall that at that meeting the Executive agreed to the Council's response to their 'Technical consultation on updates to national planning policy and guidance' which included proposed changes to local housing need assessment and housing land supply.  Unfortunately the Government has not yet made any announcement in relation to the introduction of these changes, which means that there remains continued uncertainty as to the housing requirement that the Council should be planning for through the Local Plan.  Regardless of these uncertainties, it is considered important the Council has a clear and transparent timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan, and I have therefore asked officers to present a report providing an updated Local Development Scheme to the March meeting of the Executive."

Update November 2018

The Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Seán Woodward, made the following announcement at the Executive Meeting of the Council on Monday 5th November regarding Fareham's Draft Local Plan 2036:

"The Government has made it clear that it wishes to achieve its goal of delivering 300,000 houses per annum nationally. The changes already made to National Planning Policies and Guidance along with those further changes now proposed, will undoubtedly further increase the number of houses the Borough of Fareham will be required to accommodate. This means additional greenfield sites for housing will need to be identified over and above those proposed previously in the Draft Local Plan. To avoid confusion this means the new Draft Plan will build on documents already published in support of the previous Draft Local Plan which remain relevant. There remains ongoing uncertainty over the precise higher number of houses required by the Government, which this Council currently anticipates is unlikely to be resolved until the first quarter of next year.  

"It is evident from the new National Planning Policies and Guidance that the Government expects local authorities to work together to deliver these higher housing requirements, especially where some authorities are unable to meet these, through developing a joint approach. There will be important strategic issues associated with future growth that affect a number of authorities, such as provision of infrastructure, for which local authorities need to seek a joint approach, carefully balancing all the economic, social and environmental issues. The Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) has therefore agreed to work together to produce a Statement of Common Ground on these strategic issues as soon as possible and to start exploring how the authorities could produce an Infrastructure Investment Plan to support future growth.

"We are aiming to take a report to the February Executive to update the Council's Local Plan Timetable to reflect the implications of these Government changes. In the meantime, the Council will consult on the issues and options relevant to the progression of our new development strategy in the spring because the number of additional houses now required is potentially character-changing for the Borough. This will be prior to producing a new Draft Local Plan for consultation by the end of next year. Special editions of Fareham Today will promote both stages and be delivered to every home in the Borough. 

"With the challenge of new and further changes to National Planning Policies and Guidance, the Council intends to take the Local Plan Review through the new Planning and Development Scrutiny Panel and then on to the Executive."

Full details of the meeting including the minutes can be found at

Update October 2018

The Council is set to make major changes to its draft Local Plan following the Government's changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which significantly increased the number of homes required in Fareham by 30%.

Please visit the latest Press Release for further information

Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan - Consultation 2017

The Draft Fareham Local Plan 2036 was published for consultation (Regulation 18) between 25 October and 8 December 2017.  Over 2,500 individuals and organisations submitted comments. The Council have now read all the comments. You can see the full comments and the Council's summary of them using the links below:

Summaries of comments: This is easiest way to understand the comments and issues raised on the Draft Local Plan. Read them on the Comment Summary Webpage.

Full list of comments: This provides the full list of comments and issues raised received by the Council. Read them on the Full Comments Webpage.

Draft Fareham Local Plan 2036

Subsequent to publication of the Draft Local Plan, an addendum has been added to housing allocation HA2 - Newgate Lane South, Peel Common.  The addendum reads: 'The site promoter has advised Fareham Borough Council that the potential access identified via the demolition of two houses on Tukes Avenue (165 and 167) is a factual error.  The site promoter has confirmed that potential vehicle access via these properties is not being pursued'.

Draft Policies Map

The map below is interactive. Please use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out and see the map in more detail. Alternatively a PDF version of the Policies Map is available PDF (12 MB).

You can also use the search button to view a specific area.

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Further Information

If you have any questions regarding the Draft Local Plan 2036, contact the Planning Strategy & Regeneration team:


Telephone: 01329 824601



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