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Glass recyclingAssorted glass bottles and jars

Glass is easily recycled into new bottles and jars, saving energy and raw materials. New uses are also being developed, such as for road aggregate. It cannot be recycled in the kerbside recycling bins as it breaks and shards of glass contaminate the newspapers so they can't be recycled. Please make every effort to take all glass bottles and jars to the glass banks around the Borough.

Using glass banks

Please recycle all glass jars and bottles at the glass banks. All colours of glass can be put in the same bank. Please avoid using glass banks at night to minimise noise nuisance to neighbouring properties. Many sites have a rubbish bin for bags and boxes; if there is not one, please take rubbish home with you to ensure the site is kept clean and tidy.

Metal jar and bottle lids can be left on as they are recovered during the recycling process. Plastic lids and corks are not recyclable.

Only glass jars and bottles can be put in the recycling banks. Other sorts of glass must not go in because they are different and cannot be recycled together. Window glass, drinking glasses, light bulbs, pyrex and glass cookware, spectacles, fluorescent tubes and any other glass must not be put in a glass bank.

We make every effort to maintain recycling bank sites in a clean and tidy condition. Please contact us to report any problems, or if you have any other comments about recycling and waste. You can email us at or telephone 01329 236100.

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