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Traffic management

The Traffic Management Team at Fareham Borough Council (FBC) principally addresses concerns which involve speeding traffic and parked vehicles.

These functions are carried out by FBC at local level on behalf of Hampshire County Council (HCC), who retain full responsibility for the maintenance of public highways, ie the infrastructure upon which this traffic moves and parks.

FBC also manage signing for local traffic, temporary traffic orders (eg. for road closures), and disabled parking bays.

As part of our work to address speeding concerns, we provide speed limit reminder signs (SLRs) These are seen on roads around the Borough, and are set at the relevant speed limit for the road. If vehicles are exceeding the speed limit then these signs will flash.

Waiting restrictions in the form of double or single yellow lines can be provided in response to requests for them.  This can be done where there is a clearly identifiable road safety benefit from providing them. However it should be noted that on many occasions there are good reasons not to promote the introduction of waiting restrictions. Even if restrictions are warranted, the large numbers of requests for them means there is a long waiting list for further investigations.

Once waiting restrictions are introduced, their enforcement then becomes the responsibility of FBC's Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs). All parking restrictions are subject to a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). Fareham Borough Council's Parking Enforcement Policy PDF (216 KB) explains how these restrictions are enforced.

If any lines or signing become worn or damaged, it is the responsibility of HCC to have them refreshed or replaced. They can be contacted at to request attention.

Useful information


Information about existing waiting restrictions is available via a link to an interactive map which shows all the parking restrictions in Fareham. This enables you to zoom in to any road, or type it into the dialogue box. When you have zoomed in far enough, you can then left click on your mouse and the restrictions that apply on that road will be displayed. This is available here - Parking Restrictions

Hampshire County Council Website

A wealth of information is available on the HCC website (Traffic Management) External Hyperlink. There may be some local variations between this and what is practised in Fareham, but this website sets out many of the principles which are followed in Fareham. If referring to the HCC website, please remember to revert to the FBC website for contact details where appropriate. (See "Contact" below).

Current Traffic Management Consultations

Information about FBC's proposed TROs (including temporary TROs) is available on the HCC website, via this link Traffic Regulation Order Consultations External Hyperlink. For information about existing TROs, see Parking Restrictions, as above. Most TROs are waiting/parking restrictions, but they can also cover other traffic control measures such as one way streets, weight limits and speed limits.


For most purposes, an email should be sent to outlining your request or concern. The offices can be reached by telephone at 01329 236100, but for most initial enquiries an email is the best method to enable the enquiry to be directed to the most appropriate person, who in turn can provide an informed reply. Enquiring by email also allows the responding officer to research background information as necessary, while a phone does not always allow the best opportunity to answer with adequate relevant information.

Traffic Management Team

The Traffic Management team at Fareham Borough Council is interested in all of your concerns. Issues raised by members of the public, schools, businesses and many others, are discussed with other interested parties as appropriate, including colleagues in other departments, Ward Councillors, the Police and Hampshire County Council.

We have an ongoing programme to introduce Traffic Regulation Orders to address concerns raised. However, it is not always appropriate to take action. There are many situations which occur regularly throughout the Borough, and as a result many comments are made which are similar. A regular example is that there is "an accident waiting to happen".

What this means is that while the parking or speeding concern which many people find frustrating or hazardous, may not be unusual at all. It is for this very reason, ie. that parking and speeding concerns are so commonplace, that it can sometimes appear that insufficient attention is being given to your particular concern. However it is certainly not through lack of interest, it is simply because so many concerns arise and resources do not permit them all to be given as much individual attention as some people might want or expect, or to have costly remedial action taken.


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