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Overpayments happen when you have received too much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. This might be because your circumstances have changed. If this happens, we will send you a letter with details of the overpayment and we will normally ask you to pay this money back. We will take into account your circumstances and who we paid your benefit to.

Paying back a Housing Benefit overpayment

The way you pay back a Housing Benefit overpayment depends on whether your claim is still in payment or not and whether you rent from the council, or a private landlord or housing association.

Paying back a Council Tax Support overpayment

We will take the overpaid support back out of your Council Tax account and you will get a new Council Tax bill with more to pay. The Council Tax office will try and collect this money from you fairly, such as by increasing your monthly instalments.

Other ways we can get the money back

What if I disagree with the overpayment?

See our Appeals page for information about what to do if you disagree with an overpayment.


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