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Local Land Charges Service

Welcome to the pages of Fareham Borough Council's Local Land Charges. Below you will find a guide to our service which we hope will answer your query. Please select the appropriate heading for more information.


How long will a search take?

Once the search is received, turnaround is normally around 3 working days, even at times of peak demand and it is unusual for an official search to take longer than 5 working days. If a search is urgent, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your deadline and we can e-mail the result to you. There is no extra charge for this service.                                                                                                           

Personal search companies also carry out local searches on behalf of solicitors.   The Council will provide the relevant information these companies require to complete a local search within 3 working days.  It is then for the search company to compile responses to the CON29 and pass on to the solicitor their report.  The Council has no bearing on how long the search company take to respond and you are advised to confirm with your solicitor about how long it will take to complete the search.

What is a Local Land Charges Search?

Buying a property, be it a house, flat, shop or a plot of land, is a big commitment - probably the most expensive you will ever make.  It is vital to get as wide a picture as possible of all factors which may affect your use and enjoyment of the property and this is where the Land Charges Section fits in.  Part of the process will involve a request for a local search at the Council, usually submitted by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer and is required by banks or building societies when securing a mortgage. A basic search consists of 2 parts, namely a search of the statutory Local Land Charges Register and replies to the Con 29 enquiries.

The Local Land Charges Register

This register will show any entries or 'charges' which are binding on successive owners or occupiers of land or property and which might restrict its use or enjoyment. Examples are Tree Preservation Orders, Planning Agreements, Listed Buildings and conditions imposed in a Planning Permission.

Con 29 Enquiries

This form consists of a number of standard questions which might pick up building regulation applications, nearby road or rail schemes, proposed traffic schemes or if a public footpath abuts or passes over the property, to name a few.  The form also has a number of optional enquiries for which an extra fee is payable. This might show if it is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, mineral consultation area, or if a land maintenance notice has been served.

A Common Misconception

It is a widely held view that a search will reveal proposals on nearby or adjacent land or properties, but this is not true; a search is only concerned with the property or land being searched. The only exception is it will show proposed road and rail schemes within 200 metres of the property. If you are concerned about possible development on adjacent land or property, you should contact the planning section for advice, or get your solicitor to write in.

Alternatively, go to our website at /planning/applications_and_advice/intro.aspx and click on the link 'Search Online Planning Applications'.

Is a plan required?

Two copies of the location plan are required when submitting your search.

Not sure whose area the search is in?

If you have a Land Registry plan, the Council's area is normally shown at the top of the page. Alternatively, contact the Land Charges section who will try and help.

Who does the Water search?

Fareham Borough Council does not deal with water and drainage enquiries. Southern Water carry out drainage searches for the Fareham area. They can be contacted at:

Southern Water Services Ltd.
Southern House,
Capstone Road,

DX 400450 Chatham 5
Tel: 01634 824100 External Hyperlink

Commons Registration Searches

These should be submitted to Fareham Borough Council, for the attention of Land Charges, using form CON29O. The fee is £27.60 (inclusive of VAT).

Ownership of Land or Property / Boundaries

The Council does not keep details of private land ownership. Enquiries should be directed to:

The Weymouth District Land Registry,
Melcombe Court,
1 Cumberland Drive,

DX 8799 Weymouth 2
Tel: 01305 363636

Helpful Tips

If you need to know the status of adjoining roads or accessways, complete Box C on form Con 29 Part I.


We welcome your comments or suggestions on how to improve our service to you. Please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact details below.

Contact Details

Our address is:

Department of Operations
Fareham Borough Council
Civic Offices
Civic Way
PO16 7AZ

Tel: 01329 824499


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