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Advice before you submit a planning application

Benefits of using our pre-application planning advice service

Providing constructive informal advice to help shape and progress development proposals is an important part of our service. It can help shape schemes positively before too much time and money has been invested. It can also help us to identify at an early stage schemes that our planning officers do not believe are likely to get planning permission. In offering a pre-application advice service, we want to:

Charges for providing pre-application advice

We will provide pre-application advice on these proposals free of charge:

All other categories of development will be charged on a scale based on type and size (see the fee link below).

Getting pre-application advice?

Click on the relevant links below:

Pre-application advice; proposals

If your enquiry is about a proposal for which we provide free advice, print and complete a form for pre-application advice PDF (85 KB) and return it to us by post or attach the form and details to an email to  We will contact you if we need to clarify anything. The level of advice we can give depends on the information you provide. If you only give us basic information it is likely that we will only be able to provide broad comments and guidance. We will aim to get a written response to you within 25 working days of receiving your enquiry.

Proposals subject to a charge

If your enquiry is about a proposal for which we charge, please print and complete a form for pre-application advice for which a fee is payable' PDF (115 KB) and return it to us by post or attach it and details to an email to  As a minimum your form should be accompanied by the following:

If this information is not provided, we will not accept your request and will return your fee and paperwork to you. You should submit all drawings/statements etc you would like us to consider with your form and fee. If you subsequently submit these to us, we are likely to decline to consider them without a further fee. The quality of advice we can give depends on the information you provide. If you give us superficial statements and plans, our advice is likely to be broad, with extensive caveats. If you provide thorough plans and statements we will be able to give more focused advice. We are happy to deal with your request in a meeting or in writing. If you would like meeting, we will not provide you with a written response but you are welcome to take notes of the meeting and submit them to the case officer for comment/agreement. There is no further charge for this. Each pre-application request can only relate to one site and only one proposal will be accepted for each site. If you would like us to give you advice on more than one layout or proposal for the same site, you must make a separate request and fee for each one.                                        

What do we do after receiving proposals for which a charge has been made?

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal, letting you know the officer who will be dealing with it and the date he/she will respond to you by. He/she will assess the proposal in relation to:

We will carry out consultation within the Council. Respondees will be given written responses and may attend any meetings you request. Site visits will take place as a matter of course but will be left to the discretion of the officer dealing with the case. Any photographs you submit must identify any key site features relevant to your proposals.

If a scheme is considered unacceptable in principle, it will be up to the officer dealing with it to decide whether to comment on detailed aspects of it. We aim to provide a response to all level 1, 2 and 3 developments (as described in the fees list) within 25 working days. You are welcome to contact the case officer to clarify any written points raised without further charge. If you submit a formal planning application, the planning committee or officers acting under delegated powers will be made aware of pre-application advice provided. If you wish to submit further details for comment or wish to meet the planning officer to discuss revisions after we have provided comments on your proposal, you will need to pay a further fee.

Duty planning officers


We provide a Duty Planning Officer service between 8.45am and 5.15pm, Mondays to Fridays. The Duty Planning Officer will provide guidance on pre-application proposals for developments we do not charge for but not for proposals subject to a charge.

What we cannot provide

Whilst we aim to provide thorough pre-application advice, it is informal advice from officers so is not binding on the Council when it makes a formal decision. Even though planning officers may indicate that in their view your proposals are acceptable they cannot guarantee that planning permission will be granted. In taking a final decision, the planning committee must consider a variety of things, including representations from third parties. If there has been a material change in circumstances or new information comes to light after the date of the advice being provided, it will affect the weight given to any informal pre-application advice.

If you have any questions about the pre-application advice service please email us at or telephone us on 01329 236100.


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