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FTC6 - Magistrates Court


Being a commuter who travels out of Fareham to work each day I can safely say that the queues of traffic both inbound and outbound is horrific - At peak times it often takes 30 minutes to get from junction 11 to the Tesco roundabout. This is exacerbated by the endless queues in both directions along the M27 from Portsmouth to Southampton (and onward to the M3) at peak times and often during the day. My daily commute from Fareham to South Winchester regularly takes approx an hour each way to travel 22 miles. I have not seen anything in the supporting documentation that would be a feasible solution to this situation. The FBC council history on traffic solutions is abysmal - for example the number of time the roundabout & junctions around the station & Gudge Heath Lane areas have had to be reworked at a huge cost to the tax payer prove that the council are incompetent of providing realistic workable solution to traffic issues. The overall plan (excluding Welbourne) show around 8000 properties being added to the local area over the next 20 years. The increase in traffic issues that will bring the town and surrounding areas to a stand still and the additional pollution element is enough for me to object against the building of further housing in the local area.



Obvious site for redevelopment for new dwellings. • This site will require demolition and site clearance before construction work can start. Due to the location in the town centre these will need to be adequately phased over the years up to 2036 to avoid many disruption to the town centre. • There are proposals to provide under-croft parking. This will be essential and must be part of any planning applications. In addition, the under-croft must include adequate provision for refuse collection. Provision of clothes drying/airing and secure parking of cycles would be welcome. • The number of dwellings on this site could lead to over use of the shared facilities, problems with vehicle flow, and a tendency to make the accommodation too cramped. There is also a tendency for modern apartments to have fully enclosed rooms with inadequate access to natural light and good ventilation to the outside air. This should be avoided on health grounds. The need for shared access on many floors via stairs, corridors and lifts could result in safety concerns related to access or evacuation during an emergency. These will need to be adequately covered in any planning application.



Large Format Response - Ref0043



Southern Water is the statutory wastewater undertaker in Fareham Town Centre. Development Allocation FTC6 allocates 45 dwellings at the Magistrates Court. In line with paragraph 162 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG), we have undertaken an assessment of our infrastructure and its ability to meet the forecast demand for the proposed development. That assessment reveals that there is underground sewerage infrastructure that needs to be taken into account when designing the proposed development. An easement would be required, which may affect the site layout or require diversion. This easement should be clear of all proposed buildings and substantial tree planting. Accordingly we propose that the following criterion is added to policy FTC6 (new text underlined): Planning permission will be granted provided that detailed proposals accord with the policies in the Local Plan and meet the following site specific requirements: [...] g) Provide future access to the existing underground wastewater infrastructure for maintenance and upsizing purposes


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