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NE5 - New Moorings


"9.36: ""New Moorings will be permitted provided that they are located outside of the Mooring Restriction Areas (as shown on the Policies Map) and where it can be demonstrated that they would not have a significant adverse impact on the Solent Special Protection Area."" This comment relates to the Solent SPA in the above policy. Many mooring locations are only within SAC sites (and close to SPAs) so the policy should ideally extend to include SACs also, or referred to as all 'European Marine Sites' (but note the collective name of EMS may be changed after Brexit, so Marine Protected Areas may be more appropriate). DSP54 referred to more than just the SPA site but also the other designations. 9.38: ""For clarification purposes, the term “mooring” includes all facilities for securing yachts and other vessels, including berths at marinas"". ""Within designated Mooring Restriction Areas, the replacement or relocation of existing moorings will only be permitted where there are no alternative locations outside of these areas and the proposal will improve navigation and the overall appearance of the area."" It would be helpful to clarify if single mid-stream pontoons are included within this definition or excluded. The Hamble has hundreds of mid-stream pile moorings, most of which have a single floating pontoon attached by chains to the pile at either end. Planning applications are requested by FBC for the installation of a new single mid-stream pontoon. RHHA also consents such proposals, but the MMO offer an exemption where RHHA permission is granted. If such pontoons are included in the definition of 'mooring', then this casts doubt on the ability to install or replace one within an MRA. If the mid-stream single pontoons are excluded from the definition then this provides clarity that this 'facility for securing a vessel' would still be permitted in an MRA, as is the case currently where FBC is granted planning applications for new single mid-stream pontoons in MRAs (as is EBC). 9.40: The advice of the River Hamble Harbour Authority should be sought on all development proposals which could impact on safety or navigation within the River Hamble."" RHHA welcomes this inclusion. RHHA would be happy to discuss or clarify the above comments if this would be of assistance to FBC."


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