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Alternative Sites Summary Comments

Representations on Alternative Sites

Number of representations: 79

Sites which were not detailed as Proposed Allocations in Draft Local Plan


Newlands Farm (3008) – Very strong preference for the allocation of Newlands Farm primarily due to the level of infrastructure (school, health, community, care home, green space) that is being proposed for delivery. Furthermore, it will be supported by the new Stubbington by-pass highway. In addition, it is located near to a significant area of new employment (Daedalus). Development is not invasive to existing communities and would still retain a large gap. Would provide additional people / footfall for retailers in Stubbington and Fareham. Reasons for rejection insufficient in balance of benefits site would provide.

Swanwick Lane, Swanwick (3017) – Preference for site as it would enable a better spread of the new homes across the Borough

Sopwith Way, Swanwick (3109) – Preference for site as it would enable a better spread of the new homes across the Borough

Sovereign Crescent, Locks Heath (3036) – Preference for site as it would enable a better spread of the new homes across the Borough. Site is located in a sustainable location, can be delivered in the short-term, provide open space and a mix of housing. The landscape setting does not provide a constraint and the site scores well against SA criteria.

St Margaret's Lane, Titchfield (3060) – Preference for site as it would enable a better spread of the new homes across the Borough

Oakcroft Lane, Stubbington (1341) – Preference for site as it would enable a better spread of the new homes across the Borough, has good access and would keep traffic away from centre of Stubbington.

Southampton Road, Titchfield (3010) – Some preference for site as provides some small-scale development to support Titchfield, is accessible by foot to the village centre and would not affect character of village.

St Margaret's Lane East (3058) - Some preference for site as it would enable a better spread of the new homes across the Borough

177 – 181 Botley Road, Burridge (3123) – Some preference for the site as its size (small) would help provide a more varied housing-size mix for the Local Plan. The site can be delivered quickly and has good access to services. The site does not impact upon the landscape and as such should not be a reason for ruling the site out.

Land at Brook Avenue, Warsash (3050) – The site could assist in spreading the number of homes planned for HA1 (Land South of Greenaway Lane). Site has also been promoted for approximately 48 dwellings. Reasons for rejection include the access into the site, the location of the site (in the countryside and adjacent to the Holly Hill nature reserve) and the number of homes proposed are contrary to the character of the area.

South of Holly Hill Lane, Sarisbury (3110) – Some preference for site which is considered suitable, available and achievable and can provide approximately 100 dwellings. The site comprises vacant grazing land, has a range of possible highways access points and would allow for improvements to the pedestrian, cycle and road network.

East of Furze Court, Fareham (3052) – Some preference for site. Is available immediately and can be delivered quickly (within 5 years). Technical assessments indicate that there would be no concerns with regards to noise and air quality (including no objections from relevant consultees). Although it would represent some loss of open space, the existing quality is very poor and under-used (as was originally intended as a landscaped area for offices) and there would remain a surplus for the ward.

Land West of Newgate Lane South, Stubbington (3129) – Some preference for site. Represents a sustainable and deliverable location able to deliver 200 – 250 dwellings (with inclusion of parcel of land to north of 3129 as well). Development would have limited landscape impact, whilst mitigation could reduce impact upon strategic gap. Significant open space proposed, including formal child play. Provides a logical extension to HA2 and can be delivered swiftly.

Land West of Downend Road (3009) – Support for the identification of this site which is considered suitable, available and achievable whereby a range of between 550 – 650 dwellings has been identified.

'New' sites not previously promoted in SHLAA

Land Off Nelson Lane, Portsdown Hill – Promotion of site for approximately 25 dwellings to form an extension to existing cluster of dwellings. Provides opportunity to increase amenity open space and provide biodiversity enhancements.

Land north of A3051 / A27 roundabout, Park Gate – Promotion of site for redevelopment as it currently consists of a scruffy disused former off-licence.

Land South of 1 & 5 Woodlands, Pinks Hill, Wallington – Promotion of site for residential development. Site could assist with providing additional width to Pinks Hill highway and also assist with providing pedestrian access to/from Pinks Hill (HA8) from Wallington. Site has good access to motorway and benefits from existing utilities.

Land West and North of Titchfield Abbey – good connections with A27 & M27

Land between Swanwick Lane and A27 (The Glen) – good access

West end of West Street, Fareham – suited to denser mid-rise properties. Would improve character of area.

Land at 86 Funtley Road, Funtley – some preference for site. The site is on the edge of the settlement and backs onto land identified to form the landscaped buffer for Welborne. Additional width for an access could be provided by the demolition of No 86. Failure to allow development on this land will result in an area of just less than 1ha left sandwiched between the two settlements, and unrelated to any other agricultural land in the locality.

Land West of Botley Road / North of Beacon Bottom, Park Gate – Site promoted for approximately 60 dwellings and improved open space. Represents a suitable location with good road and rail access and is within walking distance to existing local shops, employment opportunities and community facilities. Would provide additional footfall for local shops. Site is available immediately.

Land at Hound Hill Farm, Titchfield – Site promoted for approximately 300 dwellings and which is available immediately. Site is in highly accessible location and can be accessed from Cartwright Drive. North of site would provide buffer to SINC. Would adjoin Titchfield Abbey Conservation Area, as such design would be sympathetic to its character. Site is not subject to any ecological designations and appears to have limited ecological value.

Military sites – possible availability of sites if made vacant by MoD.

Empty homes – must be many empty homes in Borough which can be refurbished or rebuilt to help maximise the use of previously developed sites.

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