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Employment Chapter Summary Comments


E1: Strategic Employment Land Provision

E2: Employment Allocations

E3: Employment Areas

E4: Employment Development Outside of the Urban Area

E5: Boatyards

Representations on Policy E1: Strategic Employment Land Provision

Number of representations on policy: 2

Objection: 2

Support: 0

Comment: 0


Shortfall in office provision is a concern – likely to result in increased congestion arising from longer commuting to other locations.

Employment areas need to be supported with schools and doctors.

Representations on Policy E2: Employment Allocations

Number of representations on policy: 5

Objection: 2

Support: 2

Comment: 1


PUSH employment evidence is not a sound methodology for the needs of local firms and for inward investment.

Supply outside of Daedalus is very limited, with only small and difficult allocations, until Welborne becomes available.

Need to provide for logistics land.

Need to increase the supply of commercial land readily available for the short term.

No discussion of the logistics requirement for Fareham and no provision made.

Object to the deallocation of Little Park Farm in Segensworth as a solution to significantly improve the highway access to the site has been developed and scheduled, making the site significantly more deliverable and commercially attractive.

Objection to the exclusion of the Extension to Spurlings Industrial Estate (J11 – M27) as an employment allocation;

significant occupier demand

would address current/ shortterm lack of supply of storage and distribution space

would provide complimentary employment space to that on offer at Daedalus

scheme is sensitively designed with respect to the landscape constraints

site is highly accessible, financially viable and immediately deliverable.

Should have a requirement for business buses.

New employment should be located close to existing centres and residential areas to reduce distances people have to travel to work.


Principal of providing additional employment floorspace at Daedalus is strongly supported due to the jobs it will create and the investment it will bring to the area. (Gosport Borough Council).

Retention of the employment allocation Solent 2 is welcomed and is consistent with the Winchester Local Plan Part 2. (Winchester City Council).


Significant infrastructure and connectivity issues exist with Daedalus and Welborne.

Timeframe for delivery of Welborne is long-term.

No reference to the Solent LEP's Economic Strategy 2014-20.

Increase the supply of commercial land by changing housing allocations to economic/commercial where better suited.

Need to bring forward the delivery of commercial land at Welborne.

Need to recognise the relationship that Daedalus has with respect to Gosport and that development must not prejudice delivery of the waterfront. (Gosport Borough Council).

Additional transport evidence required in order to support additional floorspace allocation at Daedalus. (Gosport Borough Council).

Specific reference needs to be made in the policy (and Policy SP3) regarding the need for protection of the Strategic Gap with detailed guidance provided as to the design form that development should take. (Gosport Borough Council).

Could parts of existing employment allocations at Midpoint 27 and Solent 2 be redistributed to more central – urban locations.

Representations on Policy E3: Employment Areas

Number of representations on policy: 7

Objection: 0

Support: 1

Comment: 6


Support for identification of Spurlings Industrial Estate as a designated Employment Area.


The proposed change of Little Park Farm from an employment allocation to an 'employment area' appear inconsistent with the continued allocation of the (greenfield) part in Winchester Local Plan Part 2. (Winchester City Council)

Demand for new industrial/warehouse premises around Fareham and close to A27 from local businesses.

Suggest policy wording is amended to allow for the extension of existing Employment Areas beyond existing boundaries.

Flexibility for a broader range of uses requested for Cams Hall – policy E3 too restrictive and preference is not to be covered by E3.

Cams Hall has distinctly different characteristics to the wider Cams Estate business park. It is a Grade 2 important heritage asset which requires viable (including non-employment) uses to enable the long-term conservation of it.

Needs to be better employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

Representations on Policy E4: Employment Development Outside of the Urban Area

Number of representations on policy: 3

Objection: 0

Support: 1

Comment: 2


Criteria g), h) and i) of policy supported as part of the overall strategy for conserving, enjoying and enhancing the historic environment. (Historic England).


Request that an additional criteria item, regarding light pollution, is added to the policy.

Request policy is amended in order to recognise the need for garden centre provision and the likely increased demand there will be for additional garden centre floorspace as a result of new home owners. Furthermore, it should be recognised that garden centres are not suited to town/main centres.

Request for the intensification of garden centre retailing at Abbey Garden Centre through the removal of derelict glasshouses. Site benefits from excellent transport connections, is currently underused and would present opportunities to enhance the setting of its environs.

Representations on Policy E5: Boatyards

Number of representations on policy: 8

Objection: 1

Support: 4

Comment: 3


Objection to criteria which only protects boatyards which are economic – provision should be irrespective of this.


Support for criteria a) of policy supported as part of the overall strategy for conserving, enjoying and enhancing the historic environment. (Historic England).

Support for criteria e) of the policy. (Hampshire County Council Countryside Service)

Support for criteria e) – and should be extended to cover all development on the rivers and coast in Fareham, not just boatyards – and particularly views from the sea.

Support for policy due to its protection of important marine sites for employment purposes. (Gosport Borough Council)

Support Draft Policies in relation to the mooring restrictions areas, boatyard designations, and nature conservation designations (Policies E5 and NE5). (Eastleigh Borough Council)


Request that an additional criteria item, regarding light pollution, is added to the policy.

Policy should mirror the Eastleigh Borough Council draft policy on boatyards to ensure a consistent approach along the River Hamble. This should include an additional item "not to jeopardise the safety and ease of navigation on the river or have a detrimental impact on the regime of the river"

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