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Vision and Strategic Priorities Chapter Summary Comments

Representations on the Vision and Strategic Priorities Chapter

Number of representations on policy: 5

Objection: 1

Support: 0

Comment: 4


Conflict between Strategic Priority 4 and reality as there is no evidence or information on supporting infrastructure for any of the housing allocations within the plan. This priority has not been followed.


Welcome the inclusion of Strategic Priority 7 but would like to see this priority run more strongly through the plan. For example, safeguarding opportunities for healthy, fulfilling and active lifestyles by encouraging walking/cycling, good housing design, open space and opportunity for recreation, education and skills training, expansion of higher education etc. (Hampshire County Council).

Welcome the inclusion of Strategic Priority 8. (Hampshire County Council).

Welcome and support Key Strategy Priorities 3 and 10. Although would like to see the word 'enhance', in accordance with paragraph 157 of the NPPF. (Historic England).

Areas such as Crofton, Stubbington and Hill Head should feel less divided. Innovative architects should be used and social cohesion should be created.

Suggested change of wording proposed for Key Strategic Priority 9. To read "Protect and enhance the Borough's landscape features, valued landscape, biodiversity and the local, national and international sites of nature conservation importance". (Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust).

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