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Key Statistics from the Self and Custom Build Register

Fareham's self and custom build register opened in April 2016. 

Total number of people on the register at 30/10/2023: 235

The self and custom build register is split into two parts as follows:

Number of groups on the register at 30/10/2023: 0


When did people join the register?

The key statistics below relate to base periods one to eight, ending on 30th October 2023.

Base Periods

Number of individuals joining part 1 of the register

Number of suitable planning applications granted each year

Date need to be met by
Base Period 1: 30th Oct 2016 35 7 30th Oct 2019
Base Period 2: 30th Oct 2017 61 17 30th Oct 2020
Base Period 3: 30th Oct 2018 27 18 30th Oct 2021
Base Period 4: 30th Oct 2019 42 17 30th Oct 2022
Base Period 5: 30th Oct 2020 24 15 30th Oct 2023
Base Period 6: 30th Oct 2021 26 16 30th Oct 2024
Base Period 7: 30th Oct 2022 30 20 30th Oct 2025
Base Period 8: 30th Oct 2023 8 14 30th Oct 2026

At the end of each base period, the Council have three years to permit an equivalent number of plots of land, as there are entries for that base period, which are suitable for self and custom housebuilding. The Self/Custom Build Permissions granted during each base period are identified on the Self/Custom Build Permissions excel spreadsheet. A csv version of the spreadsheet can be found here CSV .

Changes to the NPPF in December 2023 mean that any previously unmet need from earlier base periods must be rolled forward as a cumulative need. This requirement takes effect from 31st January 2024. As of the end of base period 5, Part 1 of the register included 190 individuals, to date the Council has permitted 124 self or custom build applications, leaving a shortfall of 66 permissions. This will be rolled forward to be included in the following base periods. 

Register Data

When people apply to join the register, they are asked a series of questions to help the Council and potential developers understand what type of self or custom build development they are interested in. The following is a summary of the information provided as at 30 October 2023. The questions are multiple-choice and it should be noted that there is no restriction on the number of choices which can be selected.


When asked where they are considering a self or custom build opportunity, 160 people stated they are only considering Fareham Borough as a location, 75 include Fareham within a wider search area.

The interactive map to the right provides details of the wards within the Borough which people indicated they would consider for their self or custom build home.


When responding to the question 'what type of plot are you interested in?', the responses were as follows:

Property type

The following table illustrates the responses to the question 'what type of property would you like to build?':

House Type                No. of Responses
Detached House 217
Detached Bungalow 77
Semi-detached House 30
Semi-detached Bungalow 17
Terraced House 10
Apartment/Flat 5


The following table sets out the responses to the question 'number of bedrooms required':

No. of Bedrooms No. of responses
1 Bed 7
2 Bed 41
3 Bed 122
4 Bed 134
5 or more Beds 44


Further information

More information regarding Fareham's Self and Custom Build need can be found in the Background Paper PDF (2 MB) which has been prepared to inform the new Local Plan. In addition, the Council undertook a survey with individuals registered on the Self and Custom Build Register to obtain an updated picture of interest, including the plot types, sizes and locations people are interested in obtaining. 

In 2022 the Council undertook a further survey of people on the register to better understand their aspirations, circumstances and requirements for self and custom build homes. Analysis of the responses can be found here: Self-build questionnaire 2022 PDF (522 KB).

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