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Food wasteIncreasing our rates of waste and recycling

Fareham Borough Council is beginning its preparations to introduce 'Simpler Recycling' to Fareham.

What is Simpler Recycling?

Required under the Environment Act 2021, 'Simpler Recycling' aims to increase household recycling rates by making it possible for people across the country to recycle the same materials without needing to check what their council will accept.

Further details can be found in the Simpler Recycling Government response External Hyperlink.

The additional costs are expected to be covered by 'New Burdens' funding from central Government.

What does this mean for Fareham residents?

When will these services start?

The Council is awaiting publication of the specific Environment Act Regulations. However, our understanding is that these services must be in place by 31 March 2026.

The Council has received £969,223 capital funding for the purchase of new food waste collection vehicles and food waste bins.

What happens until then?

All services will remain unchanged until the new services are in place. Residents will receive notification of the changes ahead of time.

You can find current information on Council Waste and Recycling here.



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