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Approved stampLicensing and Inspections

We all want to live and work in an environment that is safe, pleasant and attractive.

While it is important for people to enjoy themselves, it is also important that safeguards are in place to ensure our communities are peaceful, our work places safe and the services that we buy are properly run.

In this section of the website, you can find out how we can all help to make that happen.


 Lost or found a dog?

Find out information on what to do if you have lost or found a dog within the Borough.

Lost or found dogs information


 Homes of multiple occupation

Find out about the rules and regulations in renting out a home of multiple occupation (HMO).

Licensing of HMOs


 Pest control

If you have problems with pests or are just looking for some information, find out how we can help.

Pest control information

 Information to Businesses - Coronavirus

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2020 External Hyperlink

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2020 External Hyperlink

 Air Quality

Making sure the Borough is a safe and attractive place to live is an important part of our work. A clean and healthy environment contributes to this. In this section you can find out what we do to help make that happen and how you can get involved.

 Contaminated land

All areas of the country have some land which is classed as "contaminated". Usually this is because of current or past use such as industrial work but it can also happen naturally. Here you can find out about our responsibilities to manage this land effectively and how you can help us to do that.

 Environmental pollution and nuisance

Pollution and nuisance can have a big impact on our quality of life. In this section you can find out what pollution is and what we mean by a "statutory nuisance" as well as what we can do about them. You can also take a look at our environmental enforcement policy to see how we work and what you can expect of us.

 Food safety

There are more than 550 commercial premises in the Borough where food is sold, distributed, manufactured or handled. We play an important role in making sure this is done safely and that good hygiene practices are followed that everyone in the Borough can eat good and safe food. Here you can find out how we do that.

 Health and safety at work

Everyone who works in the Borough is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. We have a responsibility to make sure that happens. In this section, you can find out more about our work in this area and who else we work with to make sure it is effective.


A number of activities in the Borough – from selling alcohol to running a pet shop and owning a hair salon to renting homes and rooms – need a licence and inspections to ensure residents and customers are offered a professional service. Here you can find out more about how we help protect you and your interests while enabling people to run successful businesses.

 Noise nuisance

Noise from neighbours is a common source of nuisance, and for some people it can be very upsetting. The main problems are caused by barking dogs, loud music, loud televisions, shouting, banging doors and do-it-yourself activities. In this section you can find out what you can do if you think someone or something is causing a nuisance.

 Pest control

From fleas to rats and ticks to cockroaches, a variety of things can be considered pests.  The information here lets you know how you can make sure pests in your home are controlled as well as letting you know about some that while, considered pests by some people, can add value to our environment.

Dog control

Owning a dog can bring many benefits and improve your quality of life but it also brings a number of responsibilities with it. In this section you can find out what these are and how you can make sure you are kind and responsible owner.

Shellfish Harvesting

Shellfish can be harvested legally, providing certain conditions are met.  In this section you can find out about shellfish harvesting and contact details for relevant enforcement agencies.


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