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Mayor of Fareham - 2024/2025The Mayor, Councillor Hayre

Councillor Pal Hayre

Pal has lived in Stubbington for 28 years. She was first elected as a Hampshire County Councillor in 2017 and Fareham Borough Ward Councillor in 2021. 

Pal was born into a Sikh family who settled in Britain in the early 1960's. She grew up and received her education in Southampton. Upon completing her A levels at Hill College she joined the family business, which later expanded into a chain of fashion shops.

In 1990, she married Narinder and relocated to London, where the couple welcomed three sons: Kam, Tarj, and Amrit. Feeling unsuited to the bustling city life, Pal and Narinder moved to Stubbington in 1996, seeking a better environment for their children's upbringing and education. The boys completed their education at local schools and sixth form before pursuing university degrees, each successfully qualifying in their chosen professions.

In Stubbington, Pal and Narinder established their own business. Through unwavering dedication and hard work, Pal transformed the venture into a success, often putting in sixteen-hour days, seven days a week. Alongside managing the business, she nurtured her young family, providing them with opportunities and support in education, sports, music, drama and other activities. Narinder continued to work at Heathrow airport.

In her small business, Pal cultivated a passion for politics, engaging in frequent discussions and debates with her customers about local issues and ways to better serve the community. She saw herself as a voice for the locals, eager to enact positive change.

After eighteen years of running her business, Pal opted for a change. Following a year out of retail dedicated to other projects, she found herself missing the retail sector. Consequently, she chose to return part-time, now working weekends at Sainsbury's Local. In addition to her other commitments, she remains devoted to her responsibilities as a councillor, engages in charitable endeavours, and actively participates in various community projects.

Pal finds solace in leisurely strolls through the countryside alongside her beloved golden Labrador, Tommy, who offers unwavering companionship and affection. Her interests extend to cooking, art, crafting, and sailing, each providing avenues for relaxation and creativity.




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