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Guidelines on memorials

Memorials may be erected on graves (within the memorial border) and memorial tablets may be placed on the site of a cremated remains plot in the Garden of Remembrance, only if the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave or for the cremation plot has been purchased.

Only vases less than 30 cm in height may be placed on unpurchased graves.

No memorials, memorial tablets or vases shall be erected without the prior approval of the Council, application for which shall be made on the memorial application form.

All memorials, and other monuments, shall be of natural stone or other approved materials.

No enclosure of any descriptions such as kerb surrounds will be allowed.

The erection of any form of railings is not permitted around any grave or in the memorial border.

All memorials, tablets and gravestones, shall be kept tidy and in good repair at all times, with all costs being borne to the owner of the grave.

Memorials shall be installed by or on behalf of and shall remain only at the sole risk of the person who signs the memorial application form.

The Council reserves the right to remove any memorials from the grave once the period of ownership of Exclusive Right of Burial has expired.

You are advised to read the Council's Cemetery Regulations for further details concerning memorials, if you would like a copy of the Regulations sent to you, please contact the Customer Services on Tel: 01329 236100 or e-mail


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