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Council and Financial information

We are committed to being open and transparent about how we work, our decision-making processes and the services we provide. We have used the government's Local Government Transparency Code External Hyperlink, feedback from the public and requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to identify what should be published. Over time, this will grow in response to the demand for public data. 

Data in these reports is freely re-usable under the terms of the Open Government Licence External Hyperlink.

Public data

The Accounts of the Council

Our Statement of Accounts is available.

Council spending

You can see details of our spending plans, expenditure and income for main services:

Council land and property

External opinions

You can see information about external assessments and audits of the Council:

Local decisions

Most decisions are made by the Executive acting as a committee but some are made by individual Executive Members who are responsible for specific areas of our work. Details of decisions can be searched for in the Decisions section of the Council's Website.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides a right of access to information. You should make a request for information in writing to the relevant department or section.

Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap data


Parking Account

These statements have been produced to show the annual income and expenditure on parking, together with spending of any surplus on parking:

Parking Spaces

Parking Policy


The procurement pages provide details of forthcoming opportunities and existing agreements. Additional information on how the Council undertakes procurement can also be found in these pages.

Senior officer remuneration

These reports have been produced to show salaries paid to our senior managers. It is taken from officers in post on 1 October 2022:

Data on our size and scale, including employment, expenditure and service responsibilities, is provided to help with understanding the scope of management roles:

Here is the data for previous years:

October 2021

October 2020

October 2019

October 2018

October 2017

October 2016

October 2015

October 2014

October 2013

October 2012

October 2011

October 2010


Information on the pay and benefits of the senior management team is also published within the Council's Statement of Accounts

Local pay policy

Under the Localism Act 2011, we must prepare and publish a pay policy statement for the financial year 2012/13 and then for each subsequent financial year.
The current Local Pay Policy.

Performance management framework

Details of the Council's Corporate Strategy and performance reporting can be found in the Key Strategies section of the Council's Website.

For further information contact 01329 236100 or email

Tackling Fraud

Tackling Fraud Figures 2013/14 to 2023/24 PDF (202 KB)

Tackling Fraud Figures 2013/14 to 2023/24 CSV

Trade Union Time

Fareham Borough Council does not employ any trade union representatives.

The following unions operate at the Council:

Waste Contracts

Fareham Borough Council uses its own internal waste collection service and does not have a contract with an external supplier.


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