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Parking and trafficPay for it

The way we manage parking and traffic in the Borough is an important part of making sure it is a good place to live in, to work in or to visit. In this section, you can find out what parking facilities are available and how best to use them.

It includes information for you if you are disabled, are a parent with a toddler or are visiting the Borough on business or for shopping.

It also lets you know how we manage residents' parking, decide on road closures and how speed limits are set.


 Major Road Improvements

Hampshire County Council are carrying out a number fo major road improvement schemes to help ease congestion. 

Information on Major Road Improvements

 Map of car parks

Find the car park that suits your journey best, showing locations along with parking charges, on this easy to read map.

Car park map

 Fees and charges

Find out our parking fees and charges for each car park throughout Fareham Town Centre.

Fees and charges information

 Coastal Parking


 Parking in Fareham town centre

The town centre offers a variety of car parking whatever your needs. Information in this section can help you plan your visit by letting you know where our car parks are, how much it costs to park in them and how to make best use of what's available.

 Parking for disabled people

If you have a disability, finding a convenient place to park is an important part of planning your trip. In this section, you will find a range of information, from where to park to how to apply for a blue badge.

 Pay or challenge a penalty charge notice

All of our car parks are patrolled regularly to make sure everyone has an opportunity to use them effectively. Here, you can find out about parking regulations and how to comply with them or what to do if you are given a fixed penalty notice.

 Buying a parking permit

If you park in the Borough's car parks regularly, you might like to consider buying a parking permit or season ticket. There are also dispensations available for traders. In this section, you can find out what is available and how much each costs.

 Parking reports

Much of our work in providing car parking must meet nationally agreed criteria. Here, you can find out about the policies that govern parking in the Borough and how we are implementing them.

 Traffic and travel CCTV External Hyperlink

You can view traffic and travel information via a number of CCTV cameras in Fareham.

 Traffic management

The way we manage traffic in the Borough is an important part of making sure we enjoy a good quality of life. In this section you can find out more about what this involves, from parking schemes to traffic investigations and road closures to speed limits.

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