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Development Sites and Policies: Modifications

Consultation Results

The consultation on the Main Modifications proposed to the Development Sites and Policies Plan Submission Version (DSD01) took place between Monday 16th February 2015 and 17:00 on Monday 30th March 2015. The Council has prepared a summary of the representations together with a brief response on the received comments (DCD-36 PDF (260 KB)). The summary document has been submitted to the Inspector together with a covering letter (DCD-35 PDF (20 KB)), a Sustainability Appraisal for the Main Modifications to the Development Sites and Policies Plan (DCD-37 PDF (689 KB)) and full copies of each representation received during the consultation, as listed below.

Full Representations on the Main Modifications to the Development Sites and Policies Plan

DREP046. Stella Bell PDF (43 KB)

DREP046. Stella Bell - Further Comment PDF (45 KB)

DREP097. Mr & Mrs Brooks PDF (43 KB)

DREP118. Portchester Society PDF (341 KB)

DREP120. Trevor Jones PDF (35 KB)

DREP157. Gladman PDF (211 KB)

DREP218. Barbara Davis PDF (339 KB)

DREP221. Joyce Knight PDF (33 KB)

DREP234. Southern Planning on behalf of Frobisher Developments Ltd PDF (614 KB)

DREP288. Natural England PDF (102 KB)

DREP290. English Heritage PDF (169 KB)

DREP310. Mrs Mitchell PDF (257 KB)

DRE372. Glyn Wadey PDF (33 KB)

DREP372. Glyn Wadey - Further Comment PDF (38 KB)

DREP389. WYG for Graham Moyse PDF (186 KB)

DREP393. Hampshire County Council PDF (280 KB)

DREP405. Pegasus on behalf of Sustainable Land Plc and the Hammond Family PDF (170 KB)

DREP407. Persimmon Homes PDF (74 KB)

DREP471. Fareham Society PDF (370 KB)

DREP487. Derek Marlow on behalf of the Gauntlett Family PDF (357 KB)

DREP487. Derek Marlow on behalf of the Gauntlett Family - Further Comment PDF (359 KB)

DREP489. Portchester Traders Association PDF (329 KB)

DREP519. Hallam Land Management PDF (353 KB)

DREP520. Mary Leth PDF (43 KB)

DREP521. Mrs A Blyth PDF (974 KB)

DREP522. Lesley Stevens PDF (34 KB)

DREP527. Mr & Mrs Freeland PDF (2 MB)

DREP528. Equality & Human Rights Commission PDF (60 KB)

DREP529. Shaun Cunningham PDF (113 KB)

DREP530. Peter Trott PDF (43 KB)

DREP531. John Jeffrey PDF (55 KB)

DREP532. Mr & Mrs Cadet PDF (155 KB)

DREP533. Joyce Toms PDF (38 KB)

DREP533. Joyce Toms - Further Comment PDF (1 MB)

DREP534. Kay & Elfred Jones PDF (48 KB)

DREP535. Thomas Donnelly - Email PDF (33 KB)

DREP535. Thomas Donnelly - Representation PDF (246 KB)

DREP535. Thomas Donnelly - Accident Photos PDF (2 MB)

DREP536. Mr Gunner PDF (206 KB)

DREP537. Mrs Chadd PDF (230 KB)

DREP538. Mr Purver PDF (371 KB)

DREP539. Mrs Shelverton PDF (366 KB)

DREP540. Mrs Bishop PDF (164 KB)

DREP541. D B Bishop PDF (166 KB)

DREP542. Stephen Chandler PDF (60 KB)

DREP543. SGN PDF (136 KB)

DREP544. Mrs Humphries PDF (148 KB)

DREP545. Mr & Mrs Collins PDF (267 KB)

DREP546. Mr Morgan PDF (292 KB)

DREP547. Mr C Narrainen PDF (292 KB)

DREP548. Melvyn Rees PDF (293 KB)

DREP549. Mr Hutchins PDF (295 KB)

DREP550. Mr Christophersen PDF (293 KB)

DREP551. Planware PDF (160 KB)

DREP552. Glenda Eaton PDF (27 KB)

DREP553. Simon Adamson PDF (134 KB)

DREP554. Justine Allingham PDF (38 KB)

DREP555. Mr J & Mrs M Savage PDF (95 KB)

DREP556. Mrs Jean Cornish PDF (3 MB)

DREP557. Mrs Elsie Martin PDF (135 KB)

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